Help Me Hear

Silence is not always golden, give the gift of hearing

Who am I?

I am Toni Cassar, Dustin's Mother.

Having such a wonderful son has been a blessing, even with all of the hard times and challenges he faces on a daily basis, Dustin has always been upbeat and joyous. He does not let the world bring him down, instead he lifts those around him up.

I am not a writer nor a scholar so please do not judge my inability to  convey the English language with perfection. I just want to share our life story and the lessons we have learned along the way.

I have been given more challenges in life than most, but my life experience teach me they do not control me.

Why Did I Start this Site?

I started this site for two main reasons,

First to help with the promotion of Dustin's need for Cochlear Implants. The insurance company has denied coverage and the state medical does not cover them for adults.  So far he has been turned down for medicaid because he earning too much working at a casino as a bar back. He has since received the implant.

Second to give people a place to share their stories of triumphs over adversities.