Help Me Hear

Silence is not always golden, give the gift of hearing


Not one person should be denied the ability to hear, It should be mandatory for all insurance to cover both Hearing Aides and Cochlear Implants. The technology is available but out of reach for so many hearing impaired and deaf citizens.

Dustin had his Surgery Today 4-14-2012

Dustin had the Cochlear Implant surgery today a Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa Arizona, The Implant was donated by a non-profit company in Colorado. It was a long process and not good odds to be chosen but they were able to see how much it would improve his life , and blesses him with this gracious donation.

Dustin will stay in the hospital tonight and come home in the morning. Once the ear is healed and all the swelling has a chance to go down, Dr. Fucci will turn the implant on. It should be turned on May 15th.

We could not have gotten here without all the love a support that we have received. Our prayers have been answered and we are blessed with those that cared enough to help us.  There is no way to say how much we Thank everyone.  

We are not out the the woods with the bills so any help would still be appreciated.